Cookies policy

In order to personalize and offer specific information about the services accessed by the user, uses cookies and web beacons while browsing this website.

A "cookie" is a small amount of text that is stored in your browser when you browse most websites.

A "web beacon" is an electronic image that allows the website to count the number of visitors who have entered a particular page and access certain "cookies"

From now on, we will use the name cookie to generically define both cookies and web beacons.

In no case do the cookies used allow the identity of the User to be discovered or carry out other operations that are not the mere control of the number of accesses to our content in general, to adapt our services to the needs of users and customers.

The User has the possibility of configuring her browser, in accordance with the instructions contained therein and in its configuration manuals, so that it notifies her of the receipt and acceptance of cookies. Sometimes, the non-acceptance of a cookie may mean that you do not access all the availability of the page.

Typology, purpose and operation

Permanence cookies:

Depending on their permanence, they can be divided into session or permanent cookies:

Own and third parties:

Depending on who manages them, we can distinguish:

Technical cookies:

They are the most basic and allow, among other things, to know when a human or an automated application is browsing, when an anonymous user and a registered user are browsing, basic tasks for the operation of any dynamic website.

Analysis cookies:

They collect information on the type of navigation you are doing, the sections you use the most, time zone of use, language, etc. For example:

Cookies that we use

You can see here the list of cookies we use on our site.

Manage the use of cookies

Cookies can be eliminated, blocked, in a general or particular way for a specific domain.

To delete cookies from a website, you must go to your browser settings and there you can search for those associated with the domain in question and proceed to delete them.

If you wish, you can disable Google Analytics tracking using this browser add-on offered by Google .

You must bear in mind that by deleting cookies some functionalities will be disabled, such as remaining identified, receiving information directed to your location or viewing some videos.

More information about cookies

You can consult the regulations on cookies published by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection in its guía sobre el uso de las cookies and obtain more information about cookies on the Internet:

Document revised on 06-10-2020.