Filmmaking, Animation & Motion Graphics

Wonders 2020

Educational resources: videos

Direction. Production. Original scripts, songs and music.

Native English and Spanish speaking actors and broadcasters. Studio and location filming. Character animation and Motion Graphics.

Pre-Production to Post-Production video development.

Pre-production: Story selection, project timeline, Script creation, Talent/characters, Production team/equipment needs, Location Scouting. Pre-production team: project managers, conceptual designers, storyboard artists, illustrators.

Production: Setting up the sound/lighting/video equipment, shooting, recording voiceovers. Development and production team: directors, actors, announcers, cameras and sound engineers.

Post-production: Producing the final story, Music selection, Video editing, Reviews/approvals, Final Delivery. Post-production team: music editors, 2D animation & Motion Graphics experts.

Actors, Songs and Children.
2D Animation, Announcers and Motion Graphics.