Filmmaking, Animation & Motion Graphics

Wonders 2020

Educational resources videos.

Direction. Production. Original scripts, songs and music.

Native English and Spanish speaking actors and broadcasters. Studio and location filming. Character animation and Motion Graphics.

Actors, Songs and Children.

2D Animation, Announcers and Motion Graphics.

Pre-Production to Post-Production video development.

Pre-production: Story selection, project timeline, Script creation, Talent/characters, Production team/equipment needs, Location Scouting. Pre-production team: project managers, conceptual designers, storyboard artists, illustrators.

Production: Setting up the sound/lighting/video equipment, shooting, recording voiceovers. Development and production team: directors, actors, announcers, cameras and sound engineers.

Post-production: Producing the final story, Music selection, Video editing, Reviews/approvals, Final Delivery. Post-production team: music editors, 2D animation & Motion Graphics experts.